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Detailing Appointment

Our dealership quality vehicle detailing is now offered to the public! We use food-grade sanitizer and mold treatment spray to clean and disinfect your vehicle.

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  1. Jennifer Szymychalski says:

    I would recommend this company to everyone. They are friendly, very professional, and do fantasic work.

  2. Jayne Bean says:

    Best customer service ever. Above and beyond. Picked up my car from being detailed and was extremely surprised. Being a used vehicle, and being a smoker abs a dog owner I had little hope of my baby ever looking good again. OMG! I am so shocked and way beyond any expectation I had! This is amazing!!! For a used vehicle this is showroom condition again. I don’t even want to smoke in it or take my dog in it ever again it is that beautiful! Very, very surprised. The service and job done exceeds any expectations I had and I have and will continue to recommend to anyone I know! Including my boss for our fleet! Great job guys! Very happy!!!!

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